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Petr Placek, Abdi Zadeh and 17 others

are growing their business by selling to education institutions after we helped them pass the HECVAT.. Read their stories


100% Client Success with the HECVAT

Hey, I’m Dave Clarkson, a cybersecurity pro with over 25+ years of experience.


I’ve advised global banks, government agencies, and payment companies. But I find working with small to medium businesses more fulfilling.


Increasingly, small businesses must comply with complex customer security mandates. General IT staff rarely have the specialized skills to effectively respond. This fails procurement tests and delays your sales cycle.


The HECVAT is a perfect example. A quality HECVAT response is key to selling to the US Education market. It’s a gateway to procurement.


The HECVAT asks probing questions to identify risks in vendor security programs. You need expert guidance for a successful HECVAT. But your budget may be limited…


That’s where I come in. I’ve developed a streamlined process with custom tools and automations. So I can guarantee the best results within your budget.


I’ve helped dozens of companies like yours pass the HECVAT. They’ve unlocked new sales opportunities in the US Education market. And I can do the same for you.


Imagine the relief of having a cybersecurity expert on your side. Someone who understands the HECVAT inside and out. And who can guide you through the process step-by-step.


That’s the peace of mind I offer. So you can focus on growing your business, not worrying about security mandates.


Ready to take the first step? Schedule a free consultation with me today. I’ll review your current security posture and provide a roadmap to HECVAT success.


Don’t let the HECVAT stand in the way of your growth. Let me help you unlock the US Education market and take your business to the next level.

If you want to:

  • PASS the HECVAT fast and on your first go
  • With MINIMAL TIME and EFFORT from your team
  • For the LOWEST COST possible

Peter Placek and 8 others

are already profiting from passing the HECVAT. Read their stories


See how XCERA went from ZERO to HECVAT PASS in 14 days

We’re serious when we say we can take organizations from nowhere to passing the HECVAT in 14 days.

What might otherwise take you several months that distracts and delays your core business, our customers are knocking it out the park, closing deals and moving forward.

Want proof?

No problem — we recently recently completed a HECVAT for XCERA. They contacted us after procurement at a university told them to submit a completed HECVAT.

This was the first they had heard of the HECVAT.

They opened the HECVAT and quickly realized that they were way out of their depth and engaged HECVAT Pro to help.

They passed the procurement, and won the deal in record time.


Here's what successful business owners and are saying

"Working with HECVAT Pro was a game-changer for our business..."

@marc_m · Mar 9, 2023

Our main challenge was finding a way to meet the HECVAT requirements without sacrificing our team’s focus on product development and sales.

We needed a provider who could help us navigate the process and  address gaps in our security program.

After researching various security consultants, we chose HECVAT Pro for their specialized experience in helping SME vendors like us.

We were impressed by their track record and tailored approach, which seemed ideal for our situation.

Their team took us through several workshops and helped us understand the meaning of questions.

We received a report with our current HECVAT score and a list of recommendation actions to achieve a passing score.

Throughout the process, their team was always available to answer our questions and provide guidance.

Thanks to HECVAT Pro, we successfully passed the HECVAT assessment within 14 days.

Their expert advice and hands-on support enabled us to achieve compliance without diverting valuable resources from our core business functions.

As a result, we gained the confidence and visibility needed to enter the US education market, significantly expanding our customer base and driving revenue growth.

Partnering with HECVAT Pro was the best decision we made for our HECVAT compliance journey.

Their tailored approach for SMEs like us helped us achieve our goals while allowing our team to remain focused on product development and sales.

We highly recommend HECVAT Pro to other SME vendors seeking to pass the HECVAT assessment and expand their business.

Marc M

Co Founder , Modern LMS

"...This is what consulting is supposed to be"

@petrplacek · Mar 17, 2023

Without in-house security expertise, we struggled to complete the HECVAT assessment on our own.

We needed guidance from experts to improve our security posture and pass the assessment while keeping our team focused on product development and sales.

After researching security consultants, we chose HECVAT Pro for their specialization in helping SME vendors like us achieve HECVAT compliance.

We were confident in their ability to provide the support and guidance we needed.

HECVAT Pro conducted an initial assessment, revealing that our score was only 44%.

They then provided us with a prioritized roadmap to address the most pressing security gaps.

With their guidance, we implemented the recommended changes and improved our security posture.

Following our work with HECVAT Pro, we submitted our HECVAT assessment and soon received confirmation from the university that we had passed.

We were thrilled to have achieved compliance, which allowed us to expand our business to US education institutions and drive revenue growth.

Partnering with HECVAT Pro was a turning point for our company.

Their tailored approach for SMEs enabled us to achieve HECVAT compliance without diverting resources from our core business.

We highly recommend HECVAT Pro to SME vendors looking to pass the HECVAT assessment and grow their business.

Peter Placek

CEO of Shovel, Student Study Planner


Cyber Risk Expert

I’ve been delivering cybersecurity services for over 25 years, including leadership roles at industry giants like IBM Global Services, RSA Security, and Symantec.

As a founder who has built tech businesses from $0 to $50M in revenue, I intimately understand the challenges and pains you face as a small business owner and team.

HECVAT Pro is built on lean principles to ensure your cybersecurity investment yields cost-effective outcomes that protect your business and accelerate your sales cycle.

Unlike generalist firms, we specialize exclusively in HECVAT services. With thousands of hours of expertise and a 100% client success rate, we have the proven track record to guide you to HECVAT success.



Do you need:

  • To PASS the HECVAT to sell to your clients
  • A HECVAT EXPERT with proven success
  • ON TIME and within BUDGET

Find out how our methodology and process assures success.

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