HECVAT Pro: Your Reliable Partner for HECVAT Compliance

HECVAT Pro: Your Reliable Partner for HECVAT Compliance At HECVAT

HECVAT Pro: Your Reliable Partner for HECVAT Compliance

At HECVAT Pro, we understand that achieving Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Tool (HECVAT) compliance can be a daunting task for SME vendors. The 230+ questions in the HECVAT assessment can be overwhelming, and the lack of in-house expertise can make it challenging for vendors to meet the HECVAT requirements while still focusing on core business functions.

That’s where HECVAT Pro comes in. We are a team of experienced security consultants who specialize in helping SME vendors achieve HECVAT compliance. With over 25 years of experience in security transformation and program development for global systemic banks, we have the expertise required to guide you through the HECVAT process and ensure you achieve the best HECVAT score for your budget.

Our clients include software-as-a-service vendors, education technology companies, and other SME vendors who sell to US education institutions. They trust us to get their HECVAT compliance done fast and on their first go, with minimal time and effort from their team, and at the lowest cost possible.

Our proven results speak for themselves. We have helped thousands of clients achieve HECVAT compliance while maintaining a 100% success rate. Our clients have gone on to profit from selling to US education institutions after we helped them pass the HECVAT.

Why Work with Us?

At HECVAT Pro, we bring cost-effective, rigorous security programs to the SME space. We know what it takes to achieve HECVAT compliance and understand the importance of trust between vendors and education institutions. When an institution sees that you’ve engaged HECVAT Pro, they know you’re serious about security, and that your submission is accurate.

We work closely with education institutions and EDUCAUSE to ensure the integrity of the HECVAT and the relationship between the vendor and the institution. We have developed custom HECVAT tools, automations, as well as GPT-4 agents to streamline the process and provide greater value and performance for our clients.

Our Process

When you work with HECVAT Pro, we conduct an initial assessment to determine your current HECVAT score and identify gaps in your security posture. We then provide you with a prioritized roadmap that allows you to address the low-hanging fruit and work towards a passing HECVAT score. Throughout the implementation process, our team is always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

We understand that SME vendors have unique requirements when it comes to security programs. That’s why we tailor our services to meet those needs. We focus exclusively on HECVAT and can get you the best results in the shortest time possible.

Our success stories speak for themselves. We recently helped XCERA, a vendor who had never heard of the HECVAT before, go from zero to HECVAT pass in just 14 days. Our tailored approach enabled them to achieve compliance without diverting resources from their core business.


Our clients have had great success working with HECVAT Pro. Marc M, Co-Founder of Modern LMS, said, “Partnering with HECVAT Pro was the best decision we made for our HECVAT compliance journey. Their tailored approach for SMEs like us helped us achieve our goals while allowing our team to remain focused on product development and sales.”

Peter Placek, CEO of Shovel, Student Study Planner, said, “Partnering with HECVAT Pro was a turning point for our company. Their tailored approach for SMEs enabled us to achieve HECVAT compliance without diverting resources from our core business. We highly


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